Ultimate in Germany

This page is dedicated to foreign readers that want to learn something about Ultimate in Germany. It gives you a short overview over the sport, structure and latest results.

General Informations

The governing body for Ultimate in Germany is the „Deutscher Frisbeesport-Verband“ (DFV). In September 2013 there were nearly 2500 frisbeeplayers registered at the DFV, but including the not registered players there should be around 6000 players all over the country. In Europe only the UK has more registered players.

Nearly every bigger town in the country houses a team – total there are more than 50 registered teams in the country (May 2012). Over 46 open and women teams competet at the recent German Championships, which finals took place in Frankfurt. Within Germany the biggest hotbeds of ultimate are Berlin, Munich and the area of Heilbronn. Despite being one of the biggest Ultimate nations in Europe the sport it is not jet recognized as an official sport by the government. You can get more informations at website of the DFV.

Furthermore you can get insights into the German programs by reading this well written articles by Get Horizontal and Ultiworld:

* Get Horizontal (01/14): Germany Ultimate – Europe’s next Powerhouse Country?
* Get Horizontal (01/14): Women’s Ultimate in Germany – A Powerhouse Program
* Ultiworld (01/14): Investing in International Competition

Latest National Results

Reigning Champions Outdoor
Open: Bad Skid from Heilbronn (2011, 2012, 2013 & 2014)
Women: U de Cologne from Cologne (2012, 2013 & 2014)
Mixed: Zamperl from Munich (2013 & 2014)

You can watch the final of 2013s open division in the video below.

Masters Open: DOM from several cities (2014)
College/University: Uni of Karlsruhe (2013 & 2014)
U20 Open: Bad Raps from Bad Rappenau (2013)
U17 Open: Bad Raps from Bad Rappenau (2013)
U14 Open: UFO from Osnabrück (2013)

Reigning Champions Indoor
Open: Heidees from Heidelberg (2012, 2013 & 2014)
Women: U de Cologne from Cologne (2013 & 2014)
Mixed: Wurfkultur Bamberg from Bamberg (2014)

You can find a complete list of all German champions at Wikipedia.

Season Structure Outdoor

Every box represents one tournament. For example the first league is played over one weekend, but the A-Relegation is played over two weekends. Note: The same system is used in 2014.

It is possible that there will by some changes in how to qualify for the first women-league in 2013. So it is not granted that this structure is 100% right.

Latest International Results

European Ultimate Championship Finals 2014 (EUCF Frankfurt, Germany)
Open: (3/24) Bad Skid, (6/24) Heidees, (12/14) Sieben Schwaben, (22/24) M.U.C.
Women: (3/12) Woodchicas, (8/12) JinX
Mixed: Keine dt. Teams qualifiziert
Report: Clapham, Iceni und Sun holen Gold, Bronze für Bad Skid und Woodchicas

U de Cologne made it to the finals of XEUCF 2013 where they fell short to Londons Iceni. – Pic: U de Cologne

World Club-Championships 2014 (WUCC Lecco, Italy)
Open: (8/48) Heidees, (23/48) Frizzly Bears, (25/48) Bad Skid
Women: (12/32) U de Cologne, (15/32) Woodchicas – Report
Mixed: (16/48) Heidees, (25/48) Disc-o-Fever, (32/48) Saxy Divers – Report
Masters Open: (9/24) Wolpertinger, (22/24) Goldfingers – ReportMasters Women: (3/9) Golden Girls – Report

European Ultimate Championships 2011 (EUC Maribor, Slovenia)
Open: 3rd Place
Women: 1st Place – European Champions!
Mixed: 5th Place
Masters: 4th Place

World Ultimate & Guts Championships 2012 (WUGC Sakai, Japan)
Open: 8th Place
Women: 6th Place – Best European Team!
Mixed: 6th Place
Masters Open: 8th Place
Masters Women: 6th Place

Bid of player of the German Nationalteam Inside Rakete in a match against the USA. Overall German Nationalsteams bearly missed a bid to the World Games 2013 at the WUGC. – Pic: NZ Snaps

European Chamionships of Beach Ultimate 2013 (ECBU Calafel)
Open: Bronze Medal (3/16)
Women: Bronze Medal (3/16)
Mixed: Bronze Medal (3/17)
Open Masters: 5th Place (5/12)
Women Masters: European Beach Champions! (1/4)
Mixed Masters: European Beach Champions! (1/7)
Grandmasters Open: 4th Place (4/4)

Germanys Mixed Masters celebrating the win of the European beach title after a universe point against Great Britain. – Pic: ECBU

Beach World Championships 2011 (WCBU Lignano Sabbiadoro)
Open: 5th Place
Women: 4th Place
Mixed: 2nd Place – Best European Team!
Masters Open: 6th Place
Masters Mixed: 3rd Place
Grandmasters: 3rd Place

Under 23 Ultimate World Championships 2013 (U23 Worlds Toronto)
Open: 4th Place (4/15)
Women: 5th Place (5/10)
Mixed: 10th Place (10/11)

World Junior Ultimate Championshios 2014 (WJUC Lecco)
U20 Open (Worlds): Bronze Medal (3/24) – Best European Team!
U20 Women (Worlds): 5th/6th Place (?/19)
U17 Open (Euros): 4th Place (4/10)
U17 Women (Euros): 4th Place (4/5)

If you have any questions please feel free to comment or send a message!


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